Laconian Regional Wine, White Dry
Grape Variety: Monembasia 100%
Organic wine. DIO certified.
20011 grape harvest: 5,000 bottles.

Wine making process: Grape harvest in the beginning of September. Typical white wine making at a low temperature, sorting of only the free run grape juice received without destemming, static racking, low temperature of 14°C during the whole fermentation process, maturation in the fine wine lees for a short period of time and bottling.

Organoleptic characteristics: Soft yellow colour with golden yellow shades. Remarkable aroma characterized by fresh aromas of citron and orange, with an aroma of lemon and green apricot in the background.  Body with well-balanced acidity in the mouth, easy to drink and light, fresh aftertaste with fruity hints.

Harmony of tastes: Served at 10-12°C. It accompanies shellfish and seafood, appetizers with strong spices and in general dishes of the Aegean cooking.

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