Nikos Theodorakakos

Nikos Theodorakakos

At the heart of Laconia’s lands, at the 17th kilometer on the national road from Sparta to Gytheio, direction Monemvassia and Mani, one can find the vineyard and winery of George Theodorakakos’ family.

From this area, according to tradition, nobles from Constantinople were being supplied with wine, via neighbouring Mystras. The fi rst vines were planted at the beginning of 20th Century, from grandfather Nicolas. Today, with over 300,000 sq. meters of private owned vineyard, George Theodorakakos continues to cultivate rare local wine varieties in a traditional fashion. Kydonitsa and Mavroudi are found only in Laconia.

The wine variety collection is completed with local Monemvasia and Thrapsa and the widely known Assyrtiko, Roditis and Agiorgitiko. The relatively low output of the vineyard, which does not exceed 800kgs per 1000 sq. meters, contributes towards the high quality of the grapes. In 1996, the vineyard was inducted in the program for biological farming and is approved by the Organization of Control and Certification of Biological Products (DIO).

The production of healthy products, without pesticide remains and chemical fertilizers, is an application of a life-long philosophy in the Theodorakakos Family and constitutes a social duty towards our society. The winery was setup in 1988 at the heart of the vineyard, outfitted with technologically advanced equipment to support production of high quality wines, under the supervision of Enologist who is George’ son, Nicolaos. All wines produced in the winery come from the grapes of the private owner vineyard, they are products of biological farming and are characterized as Laconia Regional Wines, portraying their geographical origins.

Τhe vineyard has its doors open for walk through the drapes. Also, anyone can visit the winery and taste of its exquisite wines. Visit us!

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