Red Dry
Protected Geographical Indication Lakonia
Grape Variety: Agiorgitiko 100%
Organic wine. DIO certified.

Wine making process: Grape harvest at the end of September. In small containers for a better exploitation and maintenance of the vineyards’ quality. Right after their collection, the grapes are destemmed and then the berries are crushed. The next steps are the inoculation of the grape juice and the fermentation requiring 8-10 days to be completed. During the approximately 8 months of the wines being stored in American oak barrels, the malolactic fermentation takes also place, thanks to which these wines acquire special characteristics.

Organoleptic characteristics: Bright red colour with purple shades. Compound bouquet consisting of aromas from red fruits (sour cherry, strawberry marmalade) fig and vanilla. Rich body with soft tannins and a spicy aftertaste.

Harmony of tastes: Served at 16°C. Ideally, it accompanies meat balls in tomato sauce, spaghetti with minced meat sauce and hare stew.

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