Red Dry
Protected Geographical Indication Lakonia
Grape Variety: Mayroudi 50% – Agiorgitiko 50%
Organic wine. DIO certified

Wine making process: Grape harvest at the end of September. In small containers for a better exploitation and maintenance of the vineyards’ quality. Right after their collection, the two varieties are equally mixed and, after being destemmed, they are cooled with dry ice in an anaerobic environment, so that the aromatic compounds and fine tannins are soaked through pre-fermentation, then the grape juice is inoculated and the fermentation starts, requiring 8-10 days to be completed.  During the approximately 10 months of the wines being stored in French and American oak barrels, the malolactic fermentation takes also place, thanks to which the wine acquires a special character.

Organoleptic characteristics: Lucid red colour with red tile shades. Aromatic complexity featuring the ideal combination of the two varieties, with aromas of cherry, coconut, cacao, wood and vanilla.  Light body in the mouth, intense tannins and good acidity.

Harmony of tastes: Served at 16°C. Ideally it accompanies meat with spicy red sauces, cannelloni with minced meat sauce, rooster braised in wine, beef baked in the oven, aged yellow cheese and smoked sausages and cold meat.

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