Red Dry
Protected Geographical Indication Lakonia
Grape Variety: Mavroudi 100%
Organic wine. DIO certified.

Wine making process: Grape harvest at the end of September. In small containers with bare hands. After carefully sorting and destemming the grapes, the aromatic and colour compounds of the grapes are extracted through pre-fermentation cold soak at a temperature of 8-10°C for 2-3 days. The next steps are controlled fermentation at a temperature of 18°C, as well as soak after fermentation for a more concentrated, dense fruitiness. The process is completed by the ageing stage in French oak barrels for one year, along with the malolactic fermentation.

Organoleptic characteristics: Deep red colour, exquisite bouquet, bringing in mind flavours of cherry and milk chocolate, with hints of smoke, roasted chestnut and butter, with a rich, full body in the mouth and an intense aftertaste.

Harmony of tastes: Served at 18 °C, it accompanies a variety of rich fatty meat with intense sauces, wild boar stew, deer in red sauce, spicy cheese and cold meat.


  • Par Awards 2021 (2017 Vintage) – Silver
  • Par Awards 2020 (2015 Vintage) – Bronze
  • Thessaloniki Wine and Spirits Competition 2019 (2015 Vintage) Silver

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