White Dry
Protected Geographical Indication Lakonia
Grape Variety: Kydonitsa 100%
Organic wine. DIO certified.

Wine making process: Grape harvest in the beginning of September. In small containers with bare hands. 6 hours of pre-fermentation soak at a low temperature and in an anaerobic environment for a better protection of the aromatic compounds of the variety, sorting of only the free run grape juice, static racking, low temperature of 12°C during the whole fermentation process, maturation in the fine wine lees for 2 months and bottling.

Organoleptic characteristics: Bright blond-yellow colour with greenish shades. Initial taste of fruity flavours from yellow fruits (green quince, pear and citron), accompanied by hints of lemon tree flowers, acacia, eucalyptus and bracken. Body with lemon sourness, fruity and fine flavours that last.

Harmony of tastes: Served at 10-12 °C. It accompanies fried and grilled fish, shellfish, pasta with seafood or white sauces, dishes of Mediterranean cooking, rich aromatic cheese and salty cold meat.


  • London Wine Competition (2020 Vintage) – Silver
  • Par Awards 2021 (2020 Vintage) – Gold
  • Thessaloniki Wine and Spirits Competition 2020 (2019 Vintage) – Silver
  • Par Awards 2020 (2019 Vintage) – Silver
  • Thessaloniki Wine and Spiris Competition 2019 (2018 Vintage) – Bronze

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